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We’ve worked with large Managed Service Providers(MSP) and have found them impersonal. These huge MSPs have agents who take the calls, give you some number, just to patch the issue hours later, but do not fix the source of the problem.

This is great for the MSP but not great for your business. We want to serve as your company’s IT Department.

When you call Turning Point IT, we want you to feel like you’re talking with a colleague and trusted team member. A team member who wants to fix the problem now so you don’t need to deal with it over and over. Our Passion is to serve small-to-medium-sized businesses. We aim to be that pro in IT who is always friendly and always helps keep the company’s IT system running smoothly.

We provide IT services to businesses of all sizes, but we’re especially committed to helping small to medium businesses grow and succeed. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing excellent service at an affordable price.

Remote support and on-site support are both methods of providing help to users who are having trouble with their computers. The difference is that remote support involves helping users via a software program or over the phone, while on-site support involves helping them in person. Turning Point IT provides both types of service and always strives to solve the issue during our first interaction.

Turning Point IT is available to our customers 24/7, 365 days a year. We provide support through email and phone. Our service desk and support teams are in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you need our help each time you call or email us we will open a ticket in our ticketing system that will allow you to track progress and receive updates on your ticket until the issue is resolved.

We have a variety of plans available to you, ranging from the STANDARD plan to the ADVANCED plan. If you’re not sure what’s best for you, we can help!

Our plans are designed to meet your needs and fit into your budget. We want to make sure that you’re getting exactly what your business needs.

We provide a variety of services, including Managed IT, Cybersecurity, Data Backup & Recovery, Business Phone Solutions, Productivity Tools such as Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, Cloud Management, Policy & Compliance, and many more vital Business IT solutions.

Managed IT services are a package of services that can be purchased by a business to ensure that its technology is running smoothly and securely. An outside company provides Managed IT services, and they include things like backup and recovery, patching of software vulnerabilities, monitoring of websites and apps for potential attacks, and other technical tasks.

You need Managed IT services for your business because you want to focus on running your business, not managing its technology. You want to be able to trust that when something goes wrong, you have a team of experts ready to handle it. You want the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your company’s data is safe and secure. You need professional IT services because you don’t have time to learn everything about the technology in your business—and that’s okay!

We can, and we will. We understand that every second your IT systems are down means lost productivity.

We helped other businesses like yours. With our managed IT services plans, our goal is to be proactive and avoid IT problems before they happen. We work to optimize and monitor your IT infrastructure so you can focus on what matters: Growing Your Business!

You will receive monthly invoices for your Managed IT services. We also offer project options should your company need specific services. Some companies opt to purchase a bucket of hours to know they have IT experts available for ready service. All invoices are payable by major cards as well as ACH.

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